What Is Collaboration? Habits Of Highly Collaborative Organizations

collaborative organizations

What is collaboration?

A simple definition, “Two or more people working together towards shared goals”.

You can find many articles talking about collaboration as a big thing. It is the main attraction of every company and it is something that we all need to get better at. Collaboration is something that happens on small and big scale, within teams and it plays an important role in the overall success of the company.

Collaboration is a process in which a team explore their ideas constructively for a solution. Today, as businesses are increasingly moving towards growth, therefore visual meetings is the need to keep everyone engage in the room. It leads to innovative solutions. The more a group of people collaborate, the better are the working conditions. As working relationships become more comfortable, teams will be better able to share and discuss ideas. Team collaboration is a part of project management and a project management software is an useful online resource for a project manager.

So, do you have a collaborative environment in your office? If you have the following trends, it shows highly collaborative organization.

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Habits of highly collaborative organizations

When talking about collaboration, it is indeed a top priority for many business leader. It can be a tricky thing to know what makes organizations successful. Here is a way to those tricks.


When working in a team, one of the important step involved in the success of organization is to share ideas with your co workers, managers and everyone in team. The teams that communicate well is a sign of highly collaborative organization. Communicating an idea is  a method to show how we think of  a situation, it clarifies your thinking and develops a better idea. Also, when you open up your idea to toher you will get a deeper approach towards things and more ideas from the person with whom you shared the idea.

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Lead by example

A team that is highly collaborative will follow its leader. But if the leader is not supportive and is not using collaborative tools and strategies then why would the employees. So, in every organization, a leader is quite powerful source to facilitate change and be visible on board.

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Integrate into the flow of work

Collaboration should be a part of a company and not be seen as an extra task. It should fit naturally into the flow of work. A simple system of work can be picked for employees to have a common collaboration platform. And those organizations that have a common system of working are under the category of fully collaborative.


If your team visualizes exactly where they want to go then you are on the right track. Using visuals to communicate your ideas is a simple way to collaborate and promote thinking and planning. The complexity depends on the way the information is being communicated to be more effective than words alone.


When building collaborative relationships in a team, one important point is to contribute a constructive feedback. When team members feel appreciated they will develop a better collaborative relationship. Those who do not micromanage with their team members will never lose their trust and it will never be detrimental to collaborative relationship.

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Adapt and evolve

Collaboration is a never-ending strategy and is perpetual. New tools and techniques are hitting the market with fast pace for the workplace continue to emerge. So, an organization that combats with and adapts to the changing things is highly collaborative in all aspects. It will keep a check on what is going in the industry and will be always enthusiastic to innovate and anticipate.

Celebrate Success

A highly collaborative organization will always convey its people that their ideas are important and does matter. They will give a postive feedback to their teams that will make them feel accomplished and want to continue to do efforts to perform well. In a collaborating environment, people will feel a support from all sides and will feel not being judged. They will contribute to team discussions to keep moving forward. At online collaboration software-ProofHub, we celebrate teams achievements and it provide a way for their improvement.


Collaboration is the successful way towards a bright future and is a powerful competitive advantage. While collaborating can get your organization to an interesting position to grow.  Surviving in today’s complex professional environment is crucial. Be ready for a successful future to overcome challenges in a mindful way.

Happy collaboration.

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